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Where can I go to get the training I need that my insurance company will approve?

The short answer is—it’s complicated!

Every insurance underwriting company has its own list of approved companies.  Some publish their list on their website.  Most don’t.  While all aviation underwriting companies have an “approved” list, not every training facility is approved for all pilots at all experience levels.  Further, some facilities, while offering training on many different makes and models, are not approved for all of them with every underwriting companies.  Like I said, it is complicated.

  1. Brown Aviation Insurance Services has one of the most extensive lists of training facilities. In order to help you find the training you need, they have agreed to allow us to offer you a link to their website to view their list of approved facilities. Keep in mind, that all insurance companies do not approve all the facilities and may apply certain restrictions or limitations, depending on your experience and qualification in the make and model for which you are looking to train.

The two links below will take you to the W. Brown Website.

Training Facilities sorted by Aircraft

Training Facilities sorted by School

At the James A Gardner Company, we are not only experienced aviation insurance brokers, we are professional pilots and operational managers who know your aviation business.  One of our major goals as your aviation insurance broker is to help match you with an underwriting company who can meet your operational style and need.  If you only want to go to one of the well know Simulator based training facilities, our task is easy.  We know your business and we know the markets appetites for that business.  If you have a need or desire for alternative training, then you need an experienced pilot and broker to help negotiate the best terms possible.

Even if you are not a current client, feel free to call any of our aviation insurance team to discuss your particular needs.

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