Download Private Pilot Record

Sometimes the underwriters would like to see a pilot record from private pilots who fly complex aircraft or a transitioning into more high performance and complex aircraft.  Still, the professional pilot record is more details than needed and more confusing.  For that reason we have designed a less complex pilot record for private pilots.Please feel free to download and use the below private pilot record forms:  one in fillable pdf format, and one in Microsoft Word Format. Both forms have the capability to be saved on your computer and updated at a later time.  They are both accepted by all insurance companies.

Many times a simple quote questionnaire will have all the information an underwriter needs.  Feel free to download the attached question to help you with a guide to what is needed.  Complete and return it to us or give us a call with questions.

When complete, please sign, and return to your broker directly one of our aviation insurance team or to our general email box at

Even if you are not our client, feel free to call any of our aviation insurance team to discuss your particular needs or get help completing any forms.

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A Neat and Complete Pilot record is Important.

Pilots hate completing Pilot Record or Experience forms; myself included.  However, unless you know your underwriter personally, the only way they have to evaluate your experience and qualifications is through the pilot record you submitted to your aviation insurance broker has part of the quote request sent to the underwriter.  Like any resume or job application, your pilot record should be neat and complete.  It is your chance to highlight your exceptionalism as a professional pilot.  This could have a huge impact on the premium you or your employer is charged and the training requirements on the policy.   This is especially true if you are transitioning or upgrading.