Personal Aircraft Non-Owned Hull & Liability (Renters Insurance)

Aviation Insurance designed specifically for Pilots who rent, borrow, or fly
aircraft they do not own.


3 Ways to Purchase “Renter’s” Insurance

Get a Quote and Purchase Online

When you click on the icons below, you will be taken directly to the insurance company’s website where you can find useful facts, sample policies, get a quote, and complete the purchase of the insurance you want.


Even though the aircraft you may be renting, borrowing or flying may be insured, you as the pilot may not be or could be sued individually.  Further, the aircraft insurance for the aircraft you are flying may not be adequate, may have lapsed without your knowledge, or be invalid due to some error or omission by the aircraft owner that violates the insuring agreement.  For that reason, every post solo student pilot or higher rated pilot should have their own Liability policy that insured them of their mistakes and not the aircraft owner. 

These policies generally come with three components: Third Party Liability, No fault Medical coverage; and Physical Damage (optional) to the aircraft they are flying.  It is like buying aircraft insurance without owning an aircraft. Important Note: These policies are restricted to piston aircraft with 450HP or less.  Some policies could insure Twin engine, Helicopters and other piston aircraft.

CFI Insurance is also available on certain policies which includes Negligent Instruction protection.

For Professional Pilots flying turbine or turbo prop aircraft, call 678-278-2100 for a personal consultation about Non-Owned Aircraft Hull and Liability Insurance for commercial pilot and companies.

Download and Complete a Drone Insurance Quote Request.

Open and save the below Drone Quote Request in PDF format.  Complete, sign, and return to

Quote Questionnaire – Renters Insurance

Someone from our aviation insurance team will contact you for any clarification or additional information needed.  We will send your application to all aviation insurance companies who offer the type of insurance you need or want.

The Good Old Fashioned Way

Pick up the phone.  Give us a call at 678-278-2100 and speak with one of our Aviation Insurance Specialty Team Members about your specific needs.

For more information about Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance read the following article: Subrogation and the Non-Owner Pilot.

Subrogation and the Non-Owner Pilot.pdf

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