Aircraft & Helicopter Hull Liability

Whether you’re flight operation includes a light aircraft, helicopter, corporate jet, commercial airliner, or anything in between, we can find the right aviation insurance solution tailor-made for you.


The great thing about aviation is that each aviation operation and risk is unique.  There is no cookie cutter answer like other property and casualty risks.

Contact Jim Gardner for a personal consultation.  Phone 678-639-4108 or email through the Contact page on this website.  We will act as your advocate in the marketplace, guide you through the process, fully explain the options, and negotiate the best terms available that meet your needs and operation.  As your aviation insurance broker, we are just a phone call or email away.  We work for you, earning your trust every day.

Some of the factors impacting aircraft hull and liability insurance include:

  • Aircraft type, age, and seating capacity
  • Agreed Value to insure the hull
  • Liability Limits – What you need vs. what is available and the price/value tradeoff.
  • Ancillary Coverages—there can be a great number of options depending on your choices and operation
  • Purpose of Use– whether private or commercial use, owner or professional pilots, the mission and who is usually on board
  • The Named insured— The policy owner – aircraft owner or operator.
  • Additional Insured—will anyone other than the Named Insured have an insurable interest in the aircraft or operation.
  • Lien Holders—how do the loan covenants impact the insuring agreement
  • Pilot(s)—owner, employee or contract pilot, it can make a difference
  • Pilot qualification and training options including the impact on liability limits and price
  • Territory—Area of Operation
  • Estimated Annual usage.

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